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PORPLASTIC 2S game + track

System Description

For leisure and recreation

Elastic base mat plus homogeneous colored EPDM wearing layer, Water-permeable


System Benefits

Total system thickness approx. 15-20mm

Certified in accordance with EN14877, DIN V 18035/6, Type B


Porous, relatively smooth surface

Sandwich style construction

Extremely abrasion-resistant

UV- and weather-resistant

Available in many colors



Certifications / Sytem Highlights

Multi-purpose playing fields, small playing fields, playground surfaces, running/run up tracks for use in mass sports (particularly for combined school sports facilities). Certified in accordance with DIN V 18035/6 coating type B and EN 14877


System applications

Multi-purpose playing fields

Small paying fields

Playground surfaces

running/run up tracks for use in mass sports


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System structure