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System Description

The ultimate fall protection : jointless and decorative

Elastic and decorative surfaces for playgrounds, critical falling height 3.3m


System Benefits

Total system thickness approx. 120-125mm

Certified in accordance with DIN EN1177:2008

No gaps or trip to stumble over

Excellent shock absorption when falling

Critical falling height 3.3m



Long-lasting, hard wearing

Hygienic, easy to clean

Fixtures and fitting are integrated without joints or gaps

Variable surface modelling (structure)

Creative use of colors

Low maintenance cost


Certifications / Sytem Highlights

Critical falling height 3.3m, System structure in accordance with DIN EN1177

Test certificate according to DIN EN 1177:2008 , No gaps or trip to stumble over


System applications

Playground with high monkey bars, climbing frames and swings, leisure parks, play zones in schoolyards



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System structure