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System Description

Car park deck coating system for ramps, spirals and underground garages with pedestrian and vehicle traffic and for slip resistant industrial floors with medium to heavy load. According to DIN EN1504-2 and DIN V18026, class OS 8.


System Benefits

Economic coating system for car park deck

Seamless and jointless application for reliable waterproofing

Suitable for concrete slabs in contact to ground

High wear and abrasion resistant

Good chemical resistant

Slip resistant surface for car traffic and pedestrian traffic

Available in many colors


Certifications / Sytem Highlights

In 1.5mm according to DIN EN 13813

In 2.5mm according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V18026

Fire resistant class Bfl-S1, Class OS 8


System applications

Ramps and spirals, underground garages, slip resistant industrial floors, Suitable for concrete slabs in contact to ground, High wear and abrasion resistant


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