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Product Code: 100250

The movable basketball stand (overhang 1.65 m) is designed especially for outdoor playing fields. The basic frame is made from aluminium profiles. The galvanism and powder coated steel basketball ring bolted through the backboard into the main frame construction. The backboard is made from white powder coated special aluminium profile (1.80 x 1.05 m). Counterweights can insert into the stand and secured. The net is made of nylon (white) and is 6 mm thick. The big transport wheels (6 pieces per post) and transport pulley provide a good handling comfort. If the system must be moved through a low area the backboard can be flapped down easily. Delivery includes: movable frame construction, steel ring, weights, alumnium backboard (1.80 x 1.05 cm), nylon net and a trolley (provided with each purchase of one stand or a pair).



Product Code: 100340

Basketball Wall Mounted, made from special aluminium profile. Included basketball backboard 180 x 105 cm white powder coated. Backboard made from special aluminium profile  and alternative available made from acrylic ( see picture). . This board offers the same bounce back properties like the acrylic one. Included non foldable basketball ring and nylon net. For indoor and outdoor use. 8 years warrantyThese wall-mounted practice backboards are supplied WITHOUT mounting hardware!

100340: Projection 0.90 m

100350: Projection on request

100360: Projection 3.25 m

100370: Projection 2.25 m

100380: Projection 1.65 m


Product Code: 100585

Netball Ground Socket Systems. Made from high grade aluminium special profile. The netball upright in ground sockets is made from a special aluminium profile. The post measures a diameter of 80 mm. The ring is manufactured from a 16 mm solid round and measures an inside diameter of 380 mm. The ring is separated from the post. Therefore, the height and the direction of the ring can be adjusted to the condition on site. The ring comes together with a 6 mm thick nylon net. The post confirms with the
regulations of the IFNA.


100585: Height adjustable version. White powder coated
100586: Height adjustable version. Aluminium surface
100587: Fixed height version. White powder coated
100588: Fixed height version. Aluminium surface
100574: Netball post protectors padding. White color length approx 2.9 m
100575: Netball post protectors padding. White color length 2.00 m


100561: Standard ground socket with lid for netball post.
100570: Special Ground socket with coat able cover for netball post.
100550: Mobile floor apparatus for netball post, Aluminium.

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