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Product Code: 11260


The aluminium curbing is made from special made anodized aluminium profiles. It is a mobile marker and separator of the running track. The set measures a total length of 400 m. The curbing is 60 mm wide and 50 mm high.





Drainage Cover

The drainage cover is made from aluminium. It measures a width of 160 mm and a total height of 50 mm. The material thickness is 2 mm. The cover is white powder coated. On the bottom side there are angles attached to fit in the drainage channel. The drainage cover complies with the regulations of the IAAF.

Product code: 142000 White powder coated. OPEN CHANNEL: 160 x 40 x 1000 mm

Thickness 5 mm, White powder coated with special groves to avoid injuries. Heavy vehicles can cross this cover for open channel


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Track and Field Equipment