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Product code: 50320

Volleyball competition posts. Made of oval anodised aluminium profiles. Our competition posts have a 120 x 100 mm cross-section and a wall thickness of 4 to 6 mm. The net tensioning device and height adjustment mechanism are incorporated in the competition posts. The height can be easily and smoothly adjusted using a crank handle which can be removed during the game.

2 Years warranty


Product Code: 50450

Ground socket special, with a lid chamber on top and an attached lid. The lid on this ground socket can be covered on site with sports floor so that the closed ground socket fits perfectly into the optical appearance. 



Product Code: 50200

The Volleyball Post for training and school sport is made from special aluminium profile. The Volleyball post is 250 cm high. Dimension 100 x 120 mm. The mechanism for the height adjustment is placed outside the post. Our Volleuball post is blue/white powder coated. Delivered without ground sockets.

2 Years warranty


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